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1 Duckbill Noun      Synonym Words Like Duckbill

5 definitions of paddlefish

1 A large ganoid fish (Polyodon spathula) found in the rivers of the Mississippi Valley. It has a long spatula-shaped snout. Called also duck-billed cat, and spoonbill sturgeon.
2 primitive fish of the Mississippi valley having a long paddle-shaped snout
3 A fish of the family Polyodontidae, having a long paddle-shaped snout, especially Polyodon spathula of the Mississippi River basin. Also called spoonbill.
4 The spoon-billed sturgeon, Polyodon (or Spatularia) spatula, a ganoid fish of the family Polyodontidæ (or Spatulariidæ), attaining a length of five or six feet, abundant in the Mississippi river and its larger tributaries.
5 Any of several primitive fish, of the family Polyodontidae, that have a long snout shaped like a paddle.
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