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1 Pen Noun      Synonym Words Like Pen

10 definitions of paddock

1 A toad or frog.
2 The tadpole-fish.
3 A small field or inclosure; especially, a small inclosure under pasture immediately adjoining a stable; a small turfed inclosure in which animals, especially horses, are kept.
4 To confine or inclose in or as in a paddock.
5 Applied depreciatively to a person: in the play of “Macbeth,” an evil spirit or a familar.
6 A piece of land of any size, inclosed or not, used for cultivation.
7 In mining: A store-yard near a mine-shaft for ore or wash-dirt.
8 An open excavation in a superficial deposit.
9 To make into a paddock, as a run for sheep.
10 In mining, to place or store (ore) in a paddock; dig or form a paddock in.
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