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2 Alternative Words Similar to paling

1 Fence Noun      Synonym Words Like Fence
2 Limit Noun      Synonym Words Like Limit

10 definitions of paling

1 Pales, in general; a fence formed with pales or pickets; a limit; an inclosure.
2 The act of placing pales or stripes on cloth; also, the stripes themselves.
3 a fence made of upright pickets
4 One of a row of upright pointed sticks forming a fence; a pale.
5 Pointed sticks used in making fences; pales.
6 A fence made of pales or pickets.
7 Pales or stakes collectively.
8 A fence formed by connecting pointed vertical stakes by horizontal rails above and below; a picket fence; hence, in general, that which incloses or fences in; in the plural, pales collectively as forming a fence.
9 Stripes on cloth resembling pales.
10 The putting of the stripes called pales on cloth.
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