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1 Metal Noun      Synonym Words Like Metal

6 definitions of palladium

1 A statue or image of the goddess Pallas; especially, in art and legend, a xoanon image. On the preservation of such an image, according to the legend, depended the safety of Troy.
2 2. Anything believed or reputed to afford effectual defense, protection, and safety: as, trial by jury is the palladium of our civil rights.
3 Chemical symbol, Pd; atomic weight, 106.5. One of the rare metals associated with platinum.
4 A safeguard (from a statue of Athena that was believed to safeguard the ancient city of Troy).
5 A metallic chemical element (symbol Pd) with an atomic number of 46.
6 a silver-white metallic element of the platinum group that resembles platinum; occurs in some copper and nickel ores; does not tarnish at ordinary temperatures and is used (alloyed with gold) in jewelry
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