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2 Alternative Words Similar to palpate

1 Feel Verb      Synonym Words Like Feel
2 Touch Verb      Synonym Words Like Touch

2 examples of palpate

1 the nurse palpated the patient's stomach
2 The runner felt her pulse

8 definitions of palpate

1 To examine for medical purposes by touching, as of body parts.
2 examine (a body part) by palpation
3 To examine or explore by touching (an organ or area of the body), usually as a diagnostic aid. See Synonyms at touch.
4 Having a palp or palps.
5 To feel or feel for, as if with a palp; explore by touch, as with the fingers; perform palpation upon; manipulate.
6 Provided with palps.
7 to examine, or otherwise explore, (usually an area or organ of the human body) by feeling it
8 of palp, or having palp
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