We have put together a list of words that are similar to PANTHEON.

5 Alternative Words Similar to pantheon

1 Accumulation Noun      Synonym Words Like Accumulation
2 Aggregation Noun      Synonym Words Like Aggregation
3 Assemblage Noun      Synonym Words Like Assemblage
4 Collection Noun      Synonym Words Like Collection
5 Monument Noun      Synonym Words Like Monument

1 examples of pantheon

1 a divinity of the Greek pantheon

10 definitions of pantheon

1 A temple dedicated to all the gods; especially, the building so called at Rome.
2 The collective gods of a people, or a work treating of them.
3 all the gods of a religion
4 (antiquity) a temple to all the gods
5 a monument commemorating a nation's dead heroes
6 A circular temple in Rome, completed in 27 B.C. and dedicated to all the gods.
7 A temple dedicated to all gods.
8 All the gods of a people considered as a group: Jupiter is head of the Roman pantheon.
9 A public building commemorating and dedicated to the heroes and heroines of a nation.
10 A group of persons most highly regarded for contributions to a field or endeavor: the pantheon of modern physics.
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