We have put together a list of words that are similar to PARAGRAPH.

10 Alternative Words Similar to paragraph

1 Writing Noun      Synonym Words Like Writing
2 Compose Verb      Synonym Words Like Compose
3 Dissever Verb      Synonym Words Like Dissever
4 Divide Verb      Synonym Words Like Divide
5 Indite Verb      Synonym Words Like Indite
6 Pen Verb      Synonym Words Like Pen
7 Separate Verb      Synonym Words Like Separate
8 Split Verb      Synonym Words Like Split
9 Write Verb      Synonym Words Like Write
10 Indentation Noun      Variant Words Like Indentation

2 examples of paragraph

1 a column of news paragraphs; an editorial paragraph.
2 to paragraph an article

10 definitions of paragraph

1 Originally, a marginal mark or note, set in the margin to call attention to something in the text, e. g., a change of subject; now, the character ¶, commonly used in the text as a reference mark to a footnote, or to indicate the place of a division into sections.
2 A distinct part of a discourse or writing; any section or subdivision of a writing or chapter which relates to a particular point, whether consisting of one or many sentences. The division is sometimes noted by the mark ¶, but usually, by beginning the first sentence of the paragraph on a new line and at more than the usual distance from the margin, also called indenting the line. See indentation{4}.
3 A brief composition complete in one typographical section or paragraph; an item, remark, or quotation comprised in a few lines forming one paragraph
4 To divide into paragraphs; to mark with the character ¶.
5 To express in the compass of a paragraph.
6 To mention in a paragraph or paragraphs.
7 write paragraphs; work as a paragrapher
8 divide into paragraphs, as of text
9 write about in a paragraph
10 one of several distinct subdivisions of a text intended to separate ideas; the beginning is usually marked by a new indented line
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