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8 Alternative Words Similar to paraphernalia

1 Gear Noun      Synonym Words Like Gear
2 Appurtenance Noun      Synonym Words Like Appurtenance
3 Equipment Noun      Synonym Words Like Equipment
4 Ornaments Noun-plural      Synonym Words Like Ornaments
5 Finery Noun-plural      Synonym Words Like Finery
6 Outfit Noun      Hyponym Words Like Outfit
7 Regalia Noun      Hyponym Words Like Regalia
8 Tack Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tack

1 examples of paraphernalia

1 surveyors unloading their paraphernalia from a van

10 definitions of paraphernalia

1 Something reserved to a wife, over and above her dower, being chiefly apparel and ornaments suited to her degree.
2 Personal belongings; ornaments; finery; sundry objects carried about for personal convenience.
3 The appendages, apparatus, or equipment used in a particular activity.
4 equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport etc.
5 Personal belongings.
6 The articles used in a particular activity; equipment: a photographer's paraphernalia. See Synonyms at equipment.
7 A married woman's personal property exclusive of her dowry, according to common law.
8 In law, those personal articles which the common law recognized the right of a married woman to own and keep, notwithstanding the marital right of her husband to her personal property in general.
9 Personal ornaments or accessories of attire; trappings; equipments, especially such as are used on parade, or for ostentatious display, as the symbolic garments, ornaments, weapons, etc., used by freemasons or the like.
10 Miscellaneous possessions, as the numerous small conveniences of a traveler, small decorative objects, and the like.
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