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3 Alternative Words Similar to parapodium

1 Appendage Noun      Synonym Words Like Appendage
2 Extremity Noun      Synonym Words Like Extremity
3 Member Noun      Synonym Words Like Member

5 definitions of parapodium

1 One of the unjointed lateral locomotor processes or series of foot-stumps, foot-tubercles, or rudimentary limbs of many worms, as annelids.
2 [capitalized] In entomology, a genus of hymenopterous insects of the family Crabronidæ, erected by Taschenberg in 1869 for a single species from Venezuela.
3 In gastropods, a fin-like expansion of the foot; an epipodium.
4 Paired unjointed lateral outgrowths used for locomotion by worms such as annelids.
5 one of a pair of fleshy appendages of a polychete annelid that functions in locomotion and breathing
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