Words Like PARKWAY

We have put together a list of words that are similar to PARKWAY.

3 Alternative Words Similar to parkway

1 Drive Noun      Synonym Words Like Drive
2 Road Noun      Synonym Words Like Road
3 Route Noun      Synonym Words Like Route

9 definitions of parkway

1 A wide scenic road planted with trees.
2 a wide scenic road planted with trees
3 A broad landscaped highway, often divided by a planted median strip.
4 Mississippi Valley, Ohio Valley, & Western U.S. See parking. See Regional Note at parking.
5 A broad thoroughfare planted with trees and intended for recreation as well as for common street traffic.
6 a road, a thoroughfare
7 a scenic freeway
8 a divided highway with a landscaped median
9 a railway station built on the edge of a town, typically with a large car park to function as a park and ride interchange.
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