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4 Alternative Words Similar to rainbow

1 Arc Noun      Synonym Words Like Arc
2 Bow Noun      Synonym Words Like Bow
3 Hope Noun      Synonym Words Like Hope
4 Promise Noun      Synonym Words Like Promise

10 definitions of rainbow

1 A bow, or an arc of a circle, consisting of the prismatic colors, formed by the refraction and reflection of rays of light from drops of rain or vapor, appearing in the part of the heavens opposite to the sun.
2 In heraldry, the representation of a half-ring divided into seven concentric narrow rings and arched upward, each end resting on a clump of clouds.
3 In ornithology, a humming-bird of tho genus Diphlogena, containing two most brilliantly plumaged species, D. iris of Bolivia, and D. hesperus of Ecuador.
4 The rainbow-fish.
5 To color like a rainbow, or so brightly as to suggest the rainbow; curve over or surround, as with a rainbow.
6 A multicoloured arch in the sky, produced by prismatic refraction of light within droplets of rain in the air.
7 Any prismatic refraction of light showing a spectrum of colours.
8 A wide assortment; a varied multitude.
9 An illusion, mirage
10 A curveball, particularly a slow one
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