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11 Alternative Words Similar to rakish

1 Dapper Adjective      Synonym Words Like Dapper
2 Dashing Adjective      Synonym Words Like Dashing
3 Jaunty Adjective      Synonym Words Like Jaunty
4 Natty Adjective      Synonym Words Like Natty
5 Raffish Adjective      Synonym Words Like Raffish
6 Spiffy Adjective      Synonym Words Like Spiffy
7 Snappy Adjective      Synonym Words Like Snappy
8 Spruce Adjective      Synonym Words Like Spruce
9 Fashionable Adjective      Similar Words Like Fashionable
10 Stylish Adjective      Similar Words Like Stylish
11 Unconventional Adjective      Similar Words Like Unconventional

1 examples of rakish

1 a jaunty red hat

10 definitions of rakish

1 Dissolute; lewd; debauched.
2 Having a saucy appearance indicative of speed and dash.
3 marked by a carefree unconventionality or disreputableness
4 marked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners
5 Nautical Having a trim, streamlined appearance: "We were schooner-rigged and rakish, with a long and lissome hull” ( John Masefield).
6 Dashingly or sportingly stylish; jaunty.
7 Of the character of a rake; dissolute.
8 Nautical, having an unusual amount of rake or inclination of the masts, as a vessel. The piratical craft of former times were distinguished for their rakish build.
9 Resembling or given to the practices of a rake; given to a dissolute life; lewd; debauched.
10 Jaunty.
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