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2 Alternative Words Similar to raphe

1 Rhaphe Noun      Synonym Words Like Rhaphe
2 Ridge Noun      Synonym Words Like Ridge

6 definitions of raphe

1 In botany: In an anatropous or amphitropous (hemitropous) ovule or seed, the adnate cord which connects the hilum with the chalaza, commonly appearing as a more or less salient ridge, sometimes completely embedded in a fleshy testa of the seed. See cuts under anatropous and hemitropous.
2 A longitudinal line or rib on the valves of many diatoms, connecting the three nodules when present. (See nodule.) The usual primary classification of genera depends upon its presence or absence.
3 In anatomy, a seam-like union of two lateral halves, usually in the mesial plane, and constituting either a median septum of connective tissue or a longitudinal ridge or furrow; specifically, in the brain, the median lamina of decussating fibers which extends in the tegmental region from the oblongata up to the third ventricle.
4 In ornithology, the groove along the under side of the rachis of a feather.
5 A ridge or seam on an organ, bodily tissue, or other structure, especially at the join between two halves or sections.
6 a ridge that forms a seam between two parts
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