Words Like RAPT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to RAPT.

8 Alternative Words Similar to rapt

1 Ecstatic Adjective      Synonym Words Like Ecstatic
2 Enraptured Adjective      Synonym Words Like Enraptured
3 Rapturous Adjective      Synonym Words Like Rapturous
4 Rhapsodic Adjective      Synonym Words Like Rhapsodic
5 Joyous Adjective      Similar Words Like Joyous
6 Rap      Variant Words Like Rap
7 Ecstasy Noun      Synonym Words Like Ecstasy
8 Trance Noun      Synonym Words Like Trance

10 definitions of rapt

1 imp. & p. p. of rap, to snatch away.
2 Snatched away; hurried away or along.
3 Transported with love, admiration, delight, etc.; enraptured.
4 Wholly absorbed or engrossed, as in work or meditation.
5 An ecstasy; a trance.
6 Rapidity.
7 To transport or ravish.
8 To carry away by force.
9 feeling great rapture or delight
10 Past participle of rap2.
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