We have put together a list of words that are similar to RAVELING.

3 Alternative Words Similar to raveling

1 Ravelling Noun      Synonym Words Like Ravelling
2 Fiber Noun      Synonym Words Like Fiber
3 Fibre Noun      Synonym Words Like Fibre

7 definitions of raveling

1 The act of untwisting or of disentangling.
2 That which is raveled out; esp., a thread detached from a texture.
3 a bit of fiber that has become separated from woven fabric
4 A thread or fiber that has become separated from a woven material.
5 A raveled thread or fiber; a thread drawn out from a woven, knitted, or twisted fabric: as, to use ravelings for basting.
6 An obsolete form of ravelin.
7 Present participle of ravel.
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