Words Like ROUSER

We have put together a list of words that are similar to ROUSER.

5 Alternative Words Similar to rouser

1 Waker Noun      Synonym Words Like Waker
2 Arouser Noun      Synonym Words Like Arouser
3 Attendant Noun      Synonym Words Like Attendant
4 Attender Noun      Synonym Words Like Attender
5 Tender Noun      Synonym Words Like Tender

7 definitions of rouser

1 One who or that which rouses or excites to action.
2 That which rouses attention or interest; something exciting or astonishing: as, the speech was a rouser; that's a rouser (an astonishing lie).
3 Something to rouse with; specifically, in brewing, a stirrer in the hop-copper.
4 Something very exciting or great.
5 One who rouses another from sleep.
6 A stirrer in a copper for boiling wort.
7 someone who rouses others from sleep
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