Words Like SAFE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to SAFE.

10 Alternative Words Similar to safe

1 Dependable Adjective      Synonym Words Like Dependable
2 Good Adjective      Synonym Words Like Good
3 Secure Adjective      Synonym Words Like Secure
4 Dangerous Adjective      Antonym Words Like Dangerous
5 Uninjured Adjective      Related Words Like Uninjured
6 Sound Adjective      Similar Words Like Sound
7 Unhurt Adjective      Similar Words Like Unhurt
8 Safety Noun      Synonym Words Like Safety
9 Unharmed Adjective      Synonym Words Like Unharmed
10 Whole Adjective      Synonym Words Like Whole

7 examples of safe

1 safe from disease; safe from storms; safe from foes
2 a safe harbor; a safe bridge, etc.
3 the prisoner is safe
4 a secure investment
5 a safe place
6 you will be safe here
7 a safe bet

10 definitions of safe

1 Free from harm, injury, or risk; untouched or unthreatened by danger or injury; unharmed; unhurt; secure; whole.
2 Conferring safety; securing from harm; not exposing to danger; confining securely; to be relied upon; not dangerous
3 Incapable of doing harm; no longer dangerous; in secure care or custody.
4 A strong and fireproof receptacle (as a movable chest of steel, etc., or a closet or vault of brickwork) for containing money, valuable papers, or the like.
5 A ventilated or refrigerated chest or closet for securing provisions from noxious animals or insects.
6 To render safe; to make right.
7 strongbox where valuables can be safely kept
8 (of an undertaking) secure from risk
9 contraceptive device consisting of a sheath of thin rubber or latex that is worn over the penis during intercourse
10 having reached a base without being put out
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