Words Like SALAAM

We have put together a list of words that are similar to SALAAM.

2 Alternative Words Similar to salaam

1 Bow Noun      Synonym Words Like Bow
2 Salute Verb      Synonym Words Like Salute

10 definitions of salaam

1 Same as salam.
2 To make or perform a salam.
3 greet with a salaam
4 a deep bow; a Muslim form of salutation
5 A ceremonious act of deference or obeisance, especially a low bow performed while placing the right palm on the forehead.
6 A respectful ceremonial greeting performed especially in Islamic countries.
7 To greet with or perform a salaam.
8 A ceremonious salutation of the Orientals.
9 To perform the salaam; salute with a salaam; greet.
10 A respectful ceremonial greeting performed mostly in Islamic countries.
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