We have put together a list of words that are similar to SANCTIFIED.

3 Alternative Words Similar to sanctified

1 Consecrated Adjective      Synonym Words Like Consecrated
2 Sacred Adjective      Synonym Words Like Sacred
3 Holy Adjective      Similar Words Like Holy

4 examples of sanctified

1 sanctified wine
2 the sacred mosque
3 sacred bread and wine
4 sacred elephants

5 definitions of sanctified

1 Made holy; also, made to have the air of sanctity; sanctimonious.
2 made or declared or believed to be holy; devoted to a deity or some religious ceremony or use
3 Made holy; consecrated; set apart for sacred services; hence, affecting holiness; sanctimonious: as, a sanctified whine.
4 Made holy. Set aside for sacred or ceremonial use.
5 Past participle of sanctify
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