We have put together a list of words that are similar to SANCTITY.

6 Alternative Words Similar to sanctity

1 Holiness Noun      Synonym Words Like Holiness
2 Sanctitude Noun      Synonym Words Like Sanctitude
3 Quality Noun      Synonym Words Like Quality
4 Unholiness Noun      Antonym Words Like Unholiness
5 Saintliness Noun      Synonym Words Like Saintliness
6 Sacredness Noun      Synonym Words Like Sacredness

1 examples of sanctity

1 the sanctity of an oath

10 definitions of sanctity

1 The state or quality of being sacred or holy; holiness; saintliness; moral purity; godliness.
2 Sacredness; solemnity; inviolability; religious binding force.
3 A saint or holy being.
4 the quality of being holy
5 Holiness of life or disposition; saintliness.
6 The quality or condition of being considered sacred; inviolability.
7 Something considered sacred.
8 Holiness; saintliness; godliness.
9 Sacred or hallowed character; hence, sacredness; solemnity; inviolability.
10 A saint or holy being; a holy object of any kind.
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