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2 Alternative Words Similar to sangaree

1 Sangria Noun      Synonym Words Like Sangria
2 Drink Noun      Synonym Words Like Drink

7 definitions of sangaree

1 Wine and water sweetened and spiced, -- a favorite West Indian drink.
2 sweetened red wine and orange or lemon juice with soda water
3 A sweet chilled beverage made of wine or other alcoholic liquor and grated nutmeg.
4 See sangria.
5 Wine, more especially red wine diluted with water, sweetened, and flavored with nutmeg, used as a cold drink. Varieties of it are named from the wine employed: as, port-wine sangaree.
6 To mix with water and sweeten; make sangaree of: as, to sangaree port-wine.
7 A mixed drink common in the West Indies, similar to sangria and usually featuring wine or fortified wine and spices.
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