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10 definitions of sapphirine

1 Resembling sapphire; made of sapphire; having the color, or any quality of sapphire.
2 a rare light blue or green mineral; consists of aluminum and magnesium silicate and occurs as small grains in some metamorphic rocks
3 made of or resembling sapphire
4 Of or resembling sapphire.
5 A rare light blue or green aluminum-magnesium silicate mineral.
6 Made of sapphire.
7 Having the qualities of sapphire, especially the color. Compare sapphire, a.
8 A blue variety of spinel.
9 A pale-blue or greenish mineral occurring in disseminated grains with mica and anthophyllite in Greenland: it is a highly basic silicate of aluminium and magnesium.
10 A rare silicate of magnesium and aluminium (with iron as a major impurity), named for its sapphirelike colour.
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