We have put together a list of words that are similar to SATISFACTORY.

11 Alternative Words Similar to satisfactory

1 Acceptable Adjective      Synonym Words Like Acceptable
2 Cheering Adjective      Similar Words Like Cheering
3 Comforting Adjective      Similar Words Like Comforting
4 Fine Adjective      Similar Words Like Fine
5 Good Adjective      Similar Words Like Good
6 Okay Adjective      Similar Words Like Okay
7 Passing Adjective      Similar Words Like Passing
8 Right Adjective      Similar Words Like Right
9 Satisfying Adjective      Similar Words Like Satisfying
10 Sufficient Adjective      Synonym Words Like Sufficient
11 Atoning Adjective      Synonym Words Like Atoning

3 examples of satisfactory

1 a satisfactory account or explanation
2 to make satisfactory compensation, or a satisfactory apology
3 his grades were satisfactory

10 definitions of satisfactory

1 Giving or producing satisfaction; yielding content; especially, relieving the mind from doubt or uncertainty, and enabling it to rest with confidence; sufficient.
2 Making amends, indemnification, or recompense; causing to cease from claims and to rest content; compensating; atoning.
3 giving satisfaction
4 meeting requirements
5 Giving satisfaction sufficient to meet a demand or requirement; adequate.
6 Affording satisfaction; satisfying; that fully gratifies or contents; fulfilling all demands or requirements: as, to make satisfactory arrangements; to give a satisfactory account; a satisfactory state of affairs.
7 Making reparation, atonement, or expiation; expiatory.
8 Synonyms Gratifying, pleasing, sufficient, convincing, conclusive, decisive. See satisfy.
9 A place or means of atonement or retribution.
10 Done to satisfaction; adequate or sufficient
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