We have put together a list of words that are similar to SUBSTANTIATION.

14 Alternative Words Similar to substantiation

1 Confirmation Noun      Synonym Words Like Confirmation
2 Check Noun      Synonym Words Like Check
3 Validation Noun      Synonym Words Like Validation
4 Proof Noun      Synonym Words Like Proof
5 Determination Noun      Synonym Words Like Determination
6 Finding Noun      Synonym Words Like Finding
7 Evidence Noun      Synonym Words Like Evidence
8 Monetization Noun      Hyponym
9 Monetisation Noun      Hyponym
10 Support Noun      Hyponym Words Like Support
11 Probate Noun      Hyponym
12 Documentation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Documentation
13 Crosscheck Noun      Hyponym
14 Checksum Noun      Hyponym

7 definitions of substantiation

1 The act of substantiating or proving; evidence; proof.
2 the act of validating; finding or testing the truth of something
3 additional proof that something that was believed (some fact or hypothesis or theory) is correct
4 The act of substantiating or giving substance to anything; the act of proving; evidence; proof.
5 The production of material goods.
6 The act of substantiating
7 Something which substantiates; evidence, proof
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