We have put together a list of words that are similar to TABULATE.

6 Alternative Words Similar to tabulate

1 Tabularize Verb      Synonym Words Like Tabularize
2 Tabularise Verb      Synonym Words Like Tabularise
3 Arrange Verb      Synonym Words Like Arrange
4 Form Verb      Synonym Words Like Form
5 Set Verb      Synonym Words Like Set
6 Shape Verb      Synonym Words Like Shape

8 definitions of tabulate

1 Arrange in tabular form; arrange into a table
2 To list
3 Shaped like a table; forming a tablature; tabular.
4 Provided with tabulæ, as a coral: specifically applied to the Tabulata: as, a tubulate coral.
5 To give a tabular or flat surface to; make or form as a table, or with tables.
6 To put or form into a table or tables; collect or arrange in lines or eolumns; formulate tabularly: as, to tabulate statistics or a list of names.
7 arrange or enter in tabular form
8 shape or cut with a flat surface
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