Words Like TALKING

We have put together a list of words that are similar to TALKING.

7 Alternative Words Similar to talking

1 Speaking Adjective      Similar Words Like Speaking
2 Talk Noun      Synonym Words Like Talk
3 Conversation Noun      Synonym Words Like Conversation
4 Wind Noun      Hyponym Words Like Wind
5 Jazz Noun      Hyponym Words Like Jazz
6 Dialogue Noun      Hyponym Words Like Dialogue
7 Cant Noun      Hyponym Words Like Cant

1 examples of talking

1 a talking parrot

8 definitions of talking

1 That talks; able to utter words.
2 Given to talk; loquacious.
3 an exchange of ideas via conversation
4 Speaking; speech; discourse.
5 Given to much speech; garrulous; loquacious.
6 Expressive.
7 The action of the verb talk
8 Present participle of talk.
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