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2 Alternative Words Similar to tankage

1 Charge Noun      Synonym Words Like Charge
2 Storage Noun      Synonym Words Like Storage

9 definitions of tankage

1 The undissolved solids which settle to the bottom of the tank in which animal garbage is boiled with water, the grease being removed by skimming and the tank-water drawn off. (See tank-water.) Tankage is used in the manufacture of mixed fertilizers.
2 The act or process of storing oil, etc., in a tank; also, the price charged or paid for storage in a tank; the capacity of a tank or tanks; quantity, as of oil, that may be in a tank or tanks.
3 The waste residue deposited in lixiviating-vats or in tanks in which fat is rendered. The latter product, dried, is much used as a fertilizer.
4 storage in a tank
5 the amount that a tank (or tanks) can hold
6 the charge for such storage
7 the act of storing in tanks
8 the quantity contained in (or the capacity of) a tank or tanks
9 the charge for storing something in tanks
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