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1 Sound Noun      Synonym Words Like Sound

10 definitions of tapping

1 the sound of light blow or knock
2 The act of one that taps.
3 The process or means by which something is tapped.
4 Something that is taken or drawn by tapping.
5 The act or process of boring a hole in a pipe, cask, or any similar object for the insertion of a spigot or faucet.
6 In surgery, paracentesis, or the operation of giving vent to fluid which has collected in some space, as that of the pleura or peritoneum.
7 The act of giving taps or slight and gentle blows; also, a series of taps.
8 In foundry work, the operation of jarring or shaking the pattern in the loam by striking it gently to release it without disturbing the loam.
9 An act of making a light hit or strike against something.
10 A guitar technique in which the strings are tapped against the fingerboard
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