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4 Alternative Words Similar to taro

1 Cocoyam Noun      Synonym Words Like Cocoyam
2 Dasheen Noun      Synonym Words Like Dasheen
3 Eddo Noun      Synonym Words Like Eddo
4 Root Noun      Synonym Words Like Root

9 definitions of taro

1 A gold coin of the Arab emirs of Sicily of the tenth and eleventh centuries; of the Lombard dukes of the seventh century; of the Two Sicilies under Norman rule in the fourth century; of Amalfi in the eleventh century.
2 A food-plant, Colocasia antiquorum, especially the variety esculenta, a native of India, but widely cultivated in the warmer parts of the globe, particularly in the Pacific islands.
3 A money of account and coin of silver, and also of copper, formerly used in Malta under the Grand Masters.
4 Colocasia esculenta, raised as a food primarily for its corm, which distantly resembles potato.
5 Any of several other species with similar corms and growth habit in Colocasia, Alocasia etc.
6 Food from a taro plant.
7 herb of the Pacific islands grown throughout the tropics for its edible root and in temperate areas as an ornamental for its large glossy leaves
8 edible starchy tuberous root of taro plants
9 tropical starchy tuberous root
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