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2 Alternative Words Similar to tarsal

1 Bone Noun      Synonym Words Like Bone
2 Os Noun      Synonym Words Like Os

10 definitions of tarsal

1 Of or relating to the tarsus.
2 Any of the seven bones of the tarsus.
3 Of or pertaining to the tarsus, ankle, or instep of the foot: correlated with carpal: as, tarsal bones; tarsal articulations.
4 Of or pertaining to the tarsometatarsus of a bird, commonly called the tarsus, between the heel and the bases of the toes: as, the tarsal envelop; tarsal scutella.
5 Of or pertaining to the last segment of an insect's leg: as, tarsal joints; tarsal claws.
6 Of or pertaining to the tarsi of the eyelids: as, tarsal cartilages; the tarsal muscle.
7 Heteromera, having the four anterior tarsi five-jointed and the two posterior four-jointed;
8 Tetramera, having four joints to all the tarsi;
9 Trimera, having three joints to all the tarsi.
10 To these Latreille added Dimera, having two joints to all the tarsi, and
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