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1 Chromatic Adjective      Similar Words Like Chromatic

1 examples of tawny

1 tawny Moor or Spaniard; the tawny lion

10 definitions of tawny

1 Of a dull yellowish brown color, like things tanned, or persons who are sunburnt.
2 of a light brown to brownish orange color; the color of tanned leather
3 A light brown to brownish orange.
4 Of a dark- or dull-yellowish color; tan-colored; fawn-colored; buff. In actual use the word notes many shades of color, from pale ocher to swarthy brown, and distinctively qualifies the names of various animals. The lion is of about an average tawny color.
5 Tawny color.
6 The bullfinch, Pyrrhula vulgaris: so called from the coloration of the female. See tonnihood, and cut under bullfinch.
7 In heraldry, same as tenné.
8 To make tawny; tan.
9 Of a light brown to brownish orange colour
10 A light brown to brownish orange colour
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