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3 Alternative Words Similar to wafer

1 Bread Noun      Synonym Words Like Bread
2 Breadstuff Noun      Synonym Words Like Breadstuff
3 Paste Noun      Synonym Words Like Paste

10 definitions of wafer

1 In photography, chemicals employed in developing, compressed into a flat cake to be dissolved in water for use.
2 A thin cake or leaf of paste, generally disk-shaped.
3 A small and delicate cake or biscuit, usually sweetened, variously flavored, and sometimes rolled up.
4 A thin disk of dried paste, used for sealing letters, fastening documents together, and similar purposes, usually made of flour mixed with water, gum, and some nonpoisonous coloring matter. Fancy transparent wafers are made of gelatin and isinglass in a variety of forms.
5 In artillery, a kind of primer. See primer.
6 In medicine, a thin circular sheet of dry paste used to facilitate the swallowing of powders. The sheet is moistened, and folded over the powder placed in its center. Sometimes wafers have the form of two watchglass-shaped disks of pasty material, which are made to adhere by moistening their edges, the powder being placed in the hollow between the two.
7 To attach by means of a wafer or wafers.
8 To seal or close by means of a wafer.
9 A light, thin, flat biscuit.
10 A thin disk of consecrated unleavened bread used in communion.
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