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5 Alternative Words Similar to warbler

1 Oscine Noun      Synonym Words Like Oscine
2 Singer Noun      Synonym Words Like Singer
3 Vocaliser Noun      Synonym Words Like Vocaliser
4 Vocalist Noun      Synonym Words Like Vocalist
5 Vocalizer Noun      Synonym Words Like Vocalizer

10 definitions of warbler

1 One who or that which warbles; a singer; a songster.
2 Specifically, any one of a great number of small oscine passerine birds, or dentirostral insessorial birds, of different families and many different genera, of both the Old World and the New.
3 In bagpipe music, an appoggiatura, or similar melodic embellishment.
4 One of the golden warblers, Dendrœca ruficapilla, of the West Indies.
5 The Canadian fly-catching warbler.
6 The yellow-rumped warbler. Pennant, 1785. Also umbrose warbler.
7 The carbonated warbler.
8 Any member of the genus Lusciniola, a small group of about 12 species, chiefly Asiatic, and especially Himalayan, with one species extending into the Mediterranean region, and auother in South Africa. There are twelve tail-feathers, the tarsus is scutellate, the wings are short with spurious first primary, and the prevailing colors are russet and olive-brown. The type is L. aëdon (of Pallas). This genus has six other New Latin names.
9 The black-throated green warbler.
10 The female of the black-throated blue warbler.
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