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4 Alternative Words Similar to warehouse

1 Depot Noun      Synonym Words Like Depot
2 Storage Noun      Synonym Words Like Storage
3 Store Noun      Synonym Words Like Store
4 Godown Noun      Hyponym Words Like Godown

10 definitions of warehouse

1 A storehouse for wares, or goods.
2 To deposit or secure in a warehouse.
3 To place in the warehouse of the government or customhouse stores, to be kept until duties are paid.
4 a storehouse for goods and merchandise
5 store in a warehouse
6 A place in which goods or merchandise are stored; a storehouse.
7 A large, usually wholesale shop.
8 To place or store in a warehouse, especially in a bonded or government warehouse.
9 To institutionalize (people) in usually deficient housing and in conditions in which medical, educational, psychiatric, and social services are below par or absent: "has felt forced to warehouse hundreds of children in temporary shelters” ( Justine Wise Polier).
10 A house in which wares or goods are kept; a storehouse.
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