We have put together a list of words that are similar to WASHERWOMAN.

4 Alternative Words Similar to washerwoman

1 Washwoman Noun      Synonym Words Like Washwoman
2 Laundrywoman Noun      Synonym Words Like Laundrywoman
3 Laundress Noun      Synonym Words Like Laundress
4 Washer Noun      Synonym Words Like Washer

7 definitions of washerwoman

1 A woman who washes clothes, especially for hire, or for others.
2 The pied wagtail; -- so called in allusion to its beating the water with its tail while tripping along the leaves of water plants.
3 a working woman who takes in washing
4 A woman who washes clothes and linens for a living.
5 A woman who washes clothes for others or for hire.
6 The dishwasher or washdish. a wagtail. See cut under wagtail.
7 A woman who washes other people's laundry for payment.
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