Words Like WATERY

We have put together a list of words that are similar to WATERY.

5 Alternative Words Similar to watery

1 Weak Adjective      Synonym Words Like Weak
2 Liquid Adjective      Similar Words Like Liquid
3 Wet Adjective      Similar Words Like Wet
4 Tasteless Adjective      Synonym Words Like Tasteless
5 Spiritless Adjective      Synonym Words Like Spiritless

4 examples of watery

1 watery humors
2 a watery color
3 weak tea
4 watery milk

10 definitions of watery

1 Of or pertaining to water; consisting of water.
2 Abounding with water; wet; hence, tearful.
3 Resembling water; thin or transparent, as a liquid.
4 Hence, abounding in thin, tasteless, or insipid fluid; tasteless; insipid; vapid; spiritless.
5 filled with water
6 relating to or resembling or consisting of water
7 overly diluted; thin and insipid
8 wet with secreted or exuded moisture such as sweat or tears
9 Filled with, consisting of, or soaked with water; wet or soggy: watery soil.
10 Containing too much water; diluted: watery soup.
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