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5 Alternative Words Similar to wattle

1 Frame Noun      Synonym Words Like Frame
2 Build Verb      Synonym Words Like Build
3 Construct Verb      Synonym Words Like Construct
4 Make Verb      Synonym Words Like Make
5 Acacia Noun      Hypernym

10 definitions of wattle

1 A framework made of interwoven rods or twigs; a hurdle. See hurdle.
2 A rod; a wand; a switch; a twig.
3 A basket; a bag or wallet.
4 In ornithology, a fleshy lobe hanging from the front of the head; specifically, such a lobe of the domestic hen, or a like formation of any bird.
5 A flap of skin forming a sort of dewlap on each side of the neck of some domestic swine.
6 In ichthyology, a fleshy excrescence about the mouth; a barbel.
7 One of various Australian and Tasmanian acacias, valued to some extent for their wood and for their gum, but more for their bark, which is rich in tannin.
8 In heraldry, a wattle or dewlap used in a bearing. Compare wattled.
9 To bind, wall, fence, or otherwise fit with wattles.
10 To form by interweaving twigs or branches: as, to wattle a fence.
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