We have put together a list of words that are similar to WHOLESOME.

14 Alternative Words Similar to wholesome

1 Unwholesome Adjective      Antonym Words Like Unwholesome
2 Healthful Adjective      Related Words Like Healthful
3 Healthy Adjective      Related Words Like Healthy
4 Sound Adjective      Related Words Like Sound
5 Alimental Adjective      Similar Words Like Alimental
6 Alimentary Adjective      Similar Words Like Alimentary
7 Nourishing Adjective      Similar Words Like Nourishing
8 Nutrient Adjective      Similar Words Like Nutrient
9 Nutritious Adjective      Similar Words Like Nutritious
10 Nutritive Adjective      Similar Words Like Nutritive
11 Satisfying Adjective      Similar Words Like Satisfying
12 Solid Adjective      Similar Words Like Solid
13 Square Adjective      Similar Words Like Square
14 Salutary Adjective      Synonym Words Like Salutary

4 examples of wholesome

1 wholesome advice; wholesome doctrines; wholesome truths; wholesome laws
2 wholesome food
3 wholesome appearance
4 a grin on his ugly wholesome face

10 definitions of wholesome

1 Tending to promote health; favoring health; salubrious; salutary.
2 Contributing to the health of the mind; favorable to morals, religion, or prosperity; conducive to good; salutary; sound.
3 Sound; healthy.
4 conducive to or characteristic of physical or moral well-being
5 sound or exhibiting soundness in body or mind
6 Conducive to sound health or well-being; salutary: simple, wholesome food; a wholesome climate.
7 Promoting mental, moral, or social health: wholesome entertainment.
8 Sound; healthy. See Synonyms at healthy.
9 Healthy; whole; sound in mind or body.
10 Tending to promote health; favoring health; healthful; salubrious: as, wholesome air or diet; a wholesome climate.
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