We have put together a list of words that are similar to XANTHOUS.

3 Alternative Words Similar to xanthous

1 Yellow Adjective      Synonym Words Like Yellow
2 Yellowish Adjective      Synonym Words Like Yellowish
3 Chromatic Adjective      Similar Words Like Chromatic

7 definitions of xanthous

1 Yellow; specifically (Ethnol.), of or pertaining to those races of man which have yellowish, red, auburn, or brown hair.
2 of the color intermediate between green and orange in the color spectrum; of something resembling the color of an egg yolk
3 Yellow.
4 Having light brown or yellowish skin.
5 Yellow: in anthropology and ethnography specifying the yellow or Mongolioid type of mankind.
6 Yellow-brown; yolk-colored.
7 Pertaining to people with yellowish, red, auburn, or brown hair.
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