We have put together a list of words that are similar to ACQUAINT.

10 Alternative Words Similar to acquaint

1 Introduce Verb      Synonym Words Like Introduce
2 Present Verb      Synonym Words Like Present
3 Familiarize Verb      Synonym Words Like Familiarize
4 Familiarise Verb      Synonym Words Like Familiarise
5 Inform Verb      Synonym Words Like Inform
6 Acquainting Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Acquainting
7 Accustom Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Accustom
8 Reintroduce Verb      Hyponym Words Like Reintroduce
9 Orient Verb      Hyponym Words Like Orient
10 Reacquaint Verb      Hyponym Words Like Reacquaint

3 examples of acquaint

1 to acquaint a friend with the particulars of an act
2 introduce the new neighbors to the community
3 We familiarized ourselves with the new surroundings

10 definitions of acquaint

1 Acquainted.
2 To furnish or give experimental knowledge of; to make (one) to know; to make familiar; -- followed by with.
3 To communicate notice to; to inform; to make cognizant; -- followed by with (formerly, also, by of), or by that, introducing the intelligence.
4 To familiarize; to accustom.
5 cause to come to know personally
6 inform
7 make familiar or conversant with
8 To cause to come to know personally: Let me acquaint you with my family.
9 To make familiar: acquainted myself with the controls.
10 To inform: Please acquaint us with your plans.
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