Words Like PRESENT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to PRESENT.

88 Alternative Words Similar to present

1 Absent Adjective      Antonym Words Like Absent
2 Future Adjective      Antonym Words Like Future
3 Past Adjective      Antonym Words Like Past
4 Attendant Adjective      Similar Words Like Attendant
5 Attending Adjective      Similar Words Like Attending
6 Existing Adjective      Similar Words Like Existing
7 Here Adjective      Similar Words Like Here
8 Immediate Adjective      Similar Words Like Immediate
9 Inst Adjective      Similar Words Like Inst
10 Instant Adjective      Similar Words Like Instant
11 Omnipresent Adjective      Similar Words Like Omnipresent
12 Ubiquitous Adjective      Similar Words Like Ubiquitous
13 Nowadays Noun      Synonym Words Like Nowadays
14 Gift Noun      Synonym Words Like Gift
15 Tense Noun      Synonym Words Like Tense
16 Time Noun      Synonym Words Like Time
17 Show Verb      Synonym Words Like Show
18 Demo Verb      Synonym Words Like Demo
19 Exhibit Verb      Synonym Words Like Exhibit
20 Present Verb      Synonym Words Like Present
21 Demonstrate Verb      Synonym Words Like Demonstrate
22 Represent Verb      Synonym Words Like Represent
23 Stage Verb      Synonym Words Like Stage
24 Submit Verb      Synonym Words Like Submit
25 Pose Verb      Synonym Words Like Pose
26 Award Verb      Synonym Words Like Award
27 Give Verb      Synonym Words Like Give
28 Deliver Verb      Synonym Words Like Deliver
29 Introduce Verb      Synonym Words Like Introduce
30 Acquaint Verb      Synonym Words Like Acquaint
31 Portray Verb      Synonym Words Like Portray
32 Confront Verb      Synonym Words Like Confront
33 Face Verb      Synonym Words Like Face
34 Salute Verb      Synonym Words Like Salute
35 Allocate Verb      Synonym Words Like Allocate
36 Apportion Verb      Synonym Words Like Apportion
37 Be Verb      Synonym Words Like Be
38 Comprise Verb      Synonym Words Like Comprise
39 Constitute Verb      Synonym Words Like Constitute
40 Greet Verb      Synonym Words Like Greet
41 Inform Verb      Synonym Words Like Inform
42 Interpret Verb      Synonym Words Like Interpret
43 Mouth Verb      Synonym Words Like Mouth
44 Recognise Verb      Synonym Words Like Recognise
45 Recognize Verb      Synonym Words Like Recognize
46 Say Verb      Synonym Words Like Say
47 Speak Verb      Synonym Words Like Speak
48 State Verb      Synonym Words Like State
49 Talk Verb      Synonym Words Like Talk
50 Tell Verb      Synonym Words Like Tell
51 Utter Verb      Synonym Words Like Utter
52 Verbalise Verb      Synonym Words Like Verbalise
53 Verbalize Verb      Synonym Words Like Verbalize
54 Ready Adjective      Synonym Words Like Ready
55 Propitious Adjective      Synonym Words Like Propitious
56 Presenting Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Presenting
57 Grant Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Grant
58 Personate Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Personate
59 Makeup Verb      Hypernym Words Like Makeup
60 Dower Verb      Hyponym Words Like Dower
61 Surrender Verb      Hyponym Words Like Surrender
62 Tip Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tip
63 Distribute Verb      Hyponym Words Like Distribute
64 Endow Verb      Hyponym Words Like Endow
65 Leave Verb      Hyponym Words Like Leave
66 Donate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Donate
67 Raffle Verb      Hyponym Words Like Raffle
68 Render Verb      Hyponym Words Like Render
69 Fee Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fee
70 Cede Verb      Hyponym Words Like Cede
71 Bung Verb      Hyponym Words Like Bung
72 Tender Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tender
73 Will Verb      Hyponym Words Like Will
74 Treat Verb      Hyponym Words Like Treat
75 Bequeath Verb      Hyponym Words Like Bequeath
76 Speechify Verb      Hyponym Words Like Speechify
77 Reintroduce Verb      Hyponym Words Like Reintroduce
78 Now Noun      Hyponym Words Like Now
79 Nonce Noun      Hyponym Words Like Nonce
80 Moment Noun      Hyponym Words Like Moment
81 Date Noun      Hyponym Words Like Date
82 Commend Verb      Hyponym Words Like Commend
83 Argue Verb      Hyponym Words Like Argue
84 Reason Verb      Hyponym Words Like Reason
85 Indicate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Indicate
86 Spin Verb      Hyponym Words Like Spin
87 Set Verb      Hyponym Words Like Set
88 Place Verb      Hyponym Words Like Place

10 examples of present

1 the present session of Congress; the present state of affairs; the present instance.
2 to present an envoy to the king
3 to present a memorial, petition, remonstrance, or indictment
4 a grand jury present certain offenses or nuisances, or whatever they think to be public injuries
5 We will demo the new software in Washington
6 introduce the new neighbors to the community
7 he lives in the present with no thought of tomorrow
8 We cannot represent this knowledge to our formal reason
9 present at the creation
10 present at the wedding

10 definitions of present

1 Being at hand, within reach or call, within certain contemplated limits; -- opposed to absent.
2 Now existing, or in process; begun but not ended; now in view, or under consideration; being at this time; not past or future
3 Not delayed; immediate; instant; coincident.
4 Ready; quick in emergency; as a present wit.
5 Favorably attentive; propitious.
6 Present time; the time being; time in progress now, or at the moment contemplated; as, at this present.
7 Present letters or instrument, as a deed of conveyance, a lease, letter of attorney, or other writing; as in the phrase, “ Know all men by these presents,” that is, by the writing itself, “ per has literas praesentes; ” -- in this sense, rarely used in the singular.
8 A present tense, or the form of the verb denoting the present tense.
9 To bring or introduce into the presence of some one, especially of a superior; to introduce formally; to offer for acquaintance; ; (with the reciprocal pronoun) to come into the presence of a superior.
10 To exhibit or offer to view or notice; to lay before one's perception or cognizance; to set forth; to present a fine appearance.
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