Words Like ALLOT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to ALLOT.

21 Alternative Words Similar to allot

1 Assign Verb      Synonym Words Like Assign
2 Allot Verb      Synonym Words Like Allot
3 Portion Verb      Synonym Words Like Portion
4 Accord Verb      Synonym Words Like Accord
5 Grant Verb      Synonym Words Like Grant
6 Distribute Verb      Synonym Words Like Distribute
7 Administer Verb      Synonym Words Like Administer
8 Deal Verb      Synonym Words Like Deal
9 Lot Verb      Synonym Words Like Lot
10 Dispense Verb      Synonym Words Like Dispense
11 Give Verb      Synonym Words Like Give
12 Appoint Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Appoint
13 Apply Verb      Hyponym Words Like Apply
14 Reallot Verb      Hyponym Words Like Reallot
15 Enfranchise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Enfranchise
16 Earmark Verb      Hyponym Words Like Earmark
17 Apportion Verb      Hyponym Words Like Apportion
18 Appropriate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Appropriate
19 Allow Verb      Hyponym Words Like Allow
20 Reserve Verb      Hyponym Words Like Reserve
21 Allocate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Allocate

5 examples of allot

1 let every man be contented with that which Providence allots him
2 deal a blow to someone
3 the machine dispenses soft drinks
4 dole out some money
5 shell out pocket money for the children

10 definitions of allot

1 To distribute by lot.
2 To distribute, or parcel out in parts or portions; or to distribute to each individual concerned; to assign as a share or lot; to set apart as one's share; to bestow on; to grant; to appoint.
3 administer or bestow, as in small portions
4 allow to have
5 give out
6 To parcel out; distribute or apportion: allotting land to homesteaders; allot blame.
7 To assign as a portion; allocate: allotted 20 minutes to each speaker.
8 To divide or distribute as by lot; distribute or parcel out; apportion: as, to allot shares in a public company.
9 To grant; assign; appropriate: as, to allot a sum of money for some specific purpose.
10 To appoint; destine; set apart.
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