Words Like ASSIST

We have put together a list of words that are similar to ASSIST.

27 Alternative Words Similar to assist

1 Aid Noun      Synonym Words Like Aid
2 Assistance Noun      Synonym Words Like Assistance
3 Help Noun      Synonym Words Like Help
4 Activity Noun      Synonym Words Like Activity
5 Maneuver Noun      Synonym Words Like Maneuver
6 Manoeuvre Noun      Synonym Words Like Manoeuvre
7 Play Noun      Synonym Words Like Play
8 Assist Verb      Synonym Words Like Assist
9 Serve Verb      Synonym Words Like Serve
10 Attend Verb      Synonym Words Like Attend
11 Support Verb      Synonym Words Like Support
12 Work Verb      Synonym Words Like Work
13 Assisting Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Assisting
14 Bootstrap Verb      Hyponym
15 Benefact Verb      Hyponym
16 Ease Verb      Hyponym Words Like Ease
17 Hasten Verb      Hyponym Words Like Hasten
18 Subserve Verb      Hyponym
19 Care Verb      Hyponym Words Like Care
20 Protect Verb      Hyponym Words Like Protect
21 Encouragement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Encouragement
22 Facilitation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Facilitation
23 Relief Noun      Hyponym Words Like Relief
24 Hand Noun      Hyponym Words Like Hand
25 Comfort Noun      Hyponym Words Like Comfort
26 Service Noun      Hyponym Words Like Service
27 Lift Noun      Hyponym Words Like Lift

10 examples of assist

1 to assist at a public meeting
2 She never helps around the house
3 Can you help me carry this table?
4 The minister served the King for many years
5 Is a salesperson assisting you?
6 She attends the old lady in the wheelchair
7 Can you wait on our table, please?
8 could not walk without assistance
9 rescue party went to their aid
10 offered his help in unloading

10 definitions of assist

1 To give support to in some undertaking or effort, or in time of distress; to help; to aid; to succor.
2 To lend aid; to help.
3 To be present as a spectator.
4 give help or assistance; be of service
5 work for or be a servant to
6 act as an assistant in a subordinate or supportive function
7 the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose
8 (sports) the act of enabling another player to make a good play
9 To give help or support to, especially as a subordinate or supplement; aid: The clerk assisted the judge by looking up related precedents. Her breathing was assisted by a respirator.
10 To give aid or support. See Synonyms at help.
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