Words Like BATTLE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to BATTLE.

21 Alternative Words Similar to battle

1 Conflict Noun      Synonym Words Like Conflict
2 Fight Noun      Synonym Words Like Fight
3 Engagement Noun      Synonym Words Like Engagement
4 Struggle Noun      Synonym Words Like Struggle
5 Action Noun      Synonym Words Like Action
6 Attempt Noun      Synonym Words Like Attempt
7 Effort Noun      Synonym Words Like Effort
8 Endeavor Noun      Synonym Words Like Endeavor
9 Endeavour Noun      Synonym Words Like Endeavour
10 Try Noun      Synonym Words Like Try
11 Combat Verb      Synonym Words Like Combat
12 Contend Verb      Synonym Words Like Contend
13 Contest Noun      Synonym Words Like Contest
14 Tilt Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tilt
15 Scramble Noun      Hyponym Words Like Scramble
16 Duel Noun      Hyponym
17 Scrap Noun      Hyponym Words Like Scrap
18 Feud Noun      Hyponym Words Like Feud
19 Rising Noun      Hyponym Words Like Rising
20 Fighting Noun      Hyponym Words Like Fighting
21 Assault Noun      Hyponym Words Like Assault

7 examples of battle

1 the battle of life
2 to battle over theories
3 they battled over the budget
4 We must combat the prejudices against other races
5 he fought a battle for recognition
6 police tried to control the battle between the pro- and anti-abortion mobs
7 he lost his romantic ideas about war when he got into a real engagement

10 definitions of battle

1 Fertile. See battel, a.
2 A general action, fight, or encounter, in which all the divisions of an army are or may be engaged; an engagement; a combat.
3 A struggle; a contest.
4 A division of an army; a battalion.
5 The main body, as distinct from the van and rear; battalia.
6 To join in battle; to contend in fight.
7 To assail in battle; to fight.
8 battle or contend against in or as if in a battle
9 an energetic attempt to achieve something
10 an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals)
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