We have put together a list of words that are similar to FIGHTING.

22 Alternative Words Similar to fighting

1 Active Adjective      Synonym Words Like Active
2 Belligerent Adjective      Synonym Words Like Belligerent
3 Unpeaceful Adjective      Similar Words Like Unpeaceful
4 Fight Noun      Synonym Words Like Fight
5 Combat Noun      Synonym Words Like Combat
6 Scrap Noun      Synonym Words Like Scrap
7 Battle Noun      Synonym Words Like Battle
8 Conflict Noun      Synonym Words Like Conflict
9 Struggle Noun      Synonym Words Like Struggle
10 Gunfight Noun      Hyponym
11 Encounter Noun      Hyponym Words Like Encounter
12 Impact Noun      Hyponym Words Like Impact
13 Gunplay Noun      Hyponym
14 Infighting Noun      Hyponym
15 Shootout Noun      Hyponym
16 Duel Noun      Hyponym
17 Disturbance Noun      Hyponym Words Like Disturbance
18 Brawl Noun      Hyponym Words Like Brawl
19 Snickersnee Noun      Hyponym
20 Skirmish Noun      Hyponym Words Like Skirmish
21 Brush Noun      Hyponym Words Like Brush
22 Clash Noun      Hyponym Words Like Clash

5 examples of fighting

1 a fighting field
2 the platoon is combat-ready
3 review the fighting forces
4 the unhappy couple got into a terrible scrap
5 there was fighting in the streets

10 definitions of fighting

1 Qualified for war; fit for battle.
2 Occupied in war; being the scene of a battle.
3 engaged in or ready for military or naval operations
4 the act of fighting; any contest or struggle
5 The act of engaging in combat or battle; a battle or contest.
6 Qualified or trained to fight; fit to fight: as, fighting armies.
7 Of or pertaining to battle; characteristic of a disposition to fight.
8 Occupied in war; being the scene of war: as, a fighting field.
9 Present participle of fight.
10 engaged in war or other conflict
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