Words Like BLANKET

We have put together a list of words that are similar to BLANKET.

12 Alternative Words Similar to blanket

1 Broad Adjective      Synonym Words Like Broad
2 Encompassing Adjective      Synonym Words Like Encompassing
3 Wide Adjective      Synonym Words Like Wide
4 Cover Noun      Synonym Words Like Cover
5 Bed Noun      Synonym Words Like Bed
6 Bedclothes Noun      Synonym Words Like Bedclothes
7 Bedding Noun      Synonym Words Like Bedding
8 Covering Noun      Synonym Words Like Covering
9 Layer Noun      Synonym Words Like Layer
10 Blanketing Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Blanketing
11 Mackinaw Noun      Hyponym Words Like Mackinaw
12 Manta Noun      Hyponym Words Like Manta

5 examples of blanket

1 an invention with broad applications
2 an all-embracing definition
3 a panoptic study of Soviet nationality
4 blanket sanctions against human-rights violators
5 granted him wide powers

10 definitions of blanket

1 A heavy, loosely woven fabric, usually of wool, and having a nap, used in bed clothing; also, a similar fabric used as a robe; or any fabric used as a cover for a horse.
2 A piece of rubber, felt, or woolen cloth, used in the tympan to make it soft and elastic.
3 A streak or layer of blubber in whales.
4 To cover with a blanket.
5 To toss in a blanket by way of punishment.
6 To take the wind out of the sails of (another vessel) by sailing to windward of her.
7 form a blanket-like cover (over)
8 bedding that keeps a person warm in bed
9 broad in scope or content
10 cover as if with a blanket
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