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2 Alternative Words Similar to blowpipe

1 Blowtube Noun      Synonym Words Like Blowtube
2 Blowgun Noun      Synonym Words Like Blowgun

10 definitions of blowpipe

1 A tube for directing a jet of air into a fire or into the flame of a lamp or candle, so as to concentrate the heat on some object.
2 A blowgun; a blowtube.
3 a tube that directs air or gas into a flame to concentrate heat
4 a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing
5 A metal tube in which a flow of gas is mixed with a controlled flow of air to concentrate the heat of a flame, used especially in the identification of minerals.
6 See blowgun.
7 A long, narrow iron pipe used to gather, work, and blow molten glass.
8 An instrument by which a current of air or gas is driven through the flame of a lamp, candle, or gas-jet, to direct the flame upon a substance, in order to fuse it, an intense heat being created by the rapid supply of oxygen and the concentration of the flame upon a small area.
9 Same as blow-gun.
10 Relating in any way to a blowpipe, or to blowpiping: as, blowpipe analysis.
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