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2 Alternative Words Similar to blowtube

1 Blowpipe Noun      Synonym Words Like Blowpipe
2 Blowgun Noun      Synonym Words Like Blowgun

8 definitions of blowtube

1 A blowgun.
2 A similar instrument, commonly of tin, used by boys for discharging paper wads and other light missiles.
3 A long wrought iron tube, on the end of which the workman gathers a quantity of “metal” (melted glass), and through which he blows to expand or shape it; -- called also blowing tube, and blowpipe.
4 a tube that directs air or gas into a flame to concentrate heat
5 a tube through which darts can be shot by blowing
6 A hollow iron rod, from 5 to 6 feet long, by blowing through which a glass-blower expands the semi-fluid metal gathered on its further end while shaping it on the marver.
7 Same as blow-gun.
8 A blowpipe (used in metallurgy, etc.).
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