Words Like BUILD

We have put together a list of words that are similar to BUILD.

42 Alternative Words Similar to build

1 Physique Noun      Synonym Words Like Physique
2 Soma Noun      Synonym Words Like Soma
3 Figure Noun      Synonym Words Like Figure
4 Anatomy Noun      Synonym Words Like Anatomy
5 Shape Noun      Synonym Words Like Shape
6 Bod Noun      Synonym Words Like Bod
7 Chassis Noun      Synonym Words Like Chassis
8 Frame Noun      Synonym Words Like Frame
9 Form Noun      Synonym Words Like Form
10 Flesh Noun      Synonym Words Like Flesh
11 Body Noun      Synonym Words Like Body
12 Construct Verb      Synonym Words Like Construct
13 Make Verb      Synonym Words Like Make
14 Progress Verb      Synonym Words Like Progress
15 Establish Verb      Synonym Words Like Establish
16 Base Verb      Synonym Words Like Base
17 Better Verb      Synonym Words Like Better
18 Create Verb      Synonym Words Like Create
19 Deepen Verb      Synonym Words Like Deepen
20 Develop Verb      Synonym Words Like Develop
21 Found Verb      Synonym Words Like Found
22 Ground Verb      Synonym Words Like Ground
23 Increase Verb      Synonym Words Like Increase
24 Manage Verb      Synonym Words Like Manage
25 Building Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Building
26 Builded Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Builded
27 Fabricate Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Fabricate
28 Raise Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Raise
29 Rely Verb-intransitive      Synonym Words Like Rely
30 Lankiness Noun      Hyponym
31 Dumpiness Noun      Hyponym
32 Somatotype Noun      Hyponym
33 Squattiness Noun      Hyponym
34 Channelise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Channelise
35 Erect Verb      Hyponym Words Like Erect
36 Rear Verb      Hyponym Words Like Rear
37 Revet Verb      Hyponym Words Like Revet
38 Cantilever Verb      Hyponym Words Like Cantilever
39 Channelize Verb      Hyponym Words Like Channelize
40 Reconstruct Verb      Hyponym Words Like Reconstruct
41 Wattle Verb      Hyponym Words Like Wattle
42 Person Noun      Hyponym Words Like Person

10 examples of build

1 to build up one's constitution
2 to build on the opinions or advice of others
3 the build of a ship; a great build on a man
4 build a million-dollar business
5 Some eccentric constructed an electric brassiere warmer
6 ramp up security in the airports
7 build up confidence
8 Pressure is building up at the Indian-Pakistani border
9 he has a strong physique
10 the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

10 definitions of build

1 To erect or construct, as an edifice or fabric of any kind; to form by uniting materials into a regular structure; to fabricate; to make; to raise.
2 To raise or place on a foundation; to form, establish, or produce by using appropriate means.
3 To increase and strengthen; to increase the power and stability of; to settle, or establish, and preserve; -- frequently with up.
4 To exercise the art, or practice the business, of building.
5 To rest or depend, as on a foundation; to ground one's self or one's hopes or opinions upon something deemed reliable; to rely.
6 Form or mode of construction; general figure; make.
7 order, supervise, or finance the construction of
8 constitution of the human body
9 give form to, according to a plan
10 develop and grow
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