Words Like FORM

We have put together a list of words that are similar to FORM.

147 Alternative Words Similar to form

1 Signifier Noun      Synonym Words Like Signifier
2 Descriptor Noun      Synonym Words Like Descriptor
3 Kind Noun      Synonym Words Like Kind
4 Sort Noun      Synonym Words Like Sort
5 Variety Noun      Synonym Words Like Variety
6 Shape Noun      Synonym Words Like Shape
7 Pattern Noun      Synonym Words Like Pattern
8 Conformation Noun      Synonym Words Like Conformation
9 Soma Noun      Synonym Words Like Soma
10 Build Noun      Synonym Words Like Build
11 Figure Noun      Synonym Words Like Figure
12 Physique Noun      Synonym Words Like Physique
13 Anatomy Noun      Synonym Words Like Anatomy
14 Bod Noun      Synonym Words Like Bod
15 Chassis Noun      Synonym Words Like Chassis
16 Frame Noun      Synonym Words Like Frame
17 Flesh Noun      Synonym Words Like Flesh
18 Cast Noun      Synonym Words Like Cast
19 Strain Noun      Synonym Words Like Strain
20 Phase Noun      Synonym Words Like Phase
21 Class Noun      Synonym Words Like Class
22 Grade Noun      Synonym Words Like Grade
23 Ability Noun      Synonym Words Like Ability
24 Appearance Noun      Synonym Words Like Appearance
25 Assemblage Noun      Synonym Words Like Assemblage
26 Attribute Noun      Synonym Words Like Attribute
27 Body Noun      Synonym Words Like Body
28 Category Noun      Synonym Words Like Category
29 Document Noun      Synonym Words Like Document
30 Fashion Noun      Synonym Words Like Fashion
31 Gathering Noun      Synonym Words Like Gathering
32 Manner Noun      Synonym Words Like Manner
33 Mode Noun      Synonym Words Like Mode
34 Mold Noun      Synonym Words Like Mold
35 Mould Noun      Synonym Words Like Mould
36 Papers Noun      Synonym Words Like Papers
37 State Noun      Synonym Words Like State
38 Structure Noun      Synonym Words Like Structure
39 Style Noun      Synonym Words Like Style
40 Taxon Noun      Synonym Words Like Taxon
41 Way Noun      Synonym Words Like Way
42 Organize Verb      Synonym Words Like Organize
43 Organise Verb      Synonym Words Like Organise
44 Constitute Verb      Synonym Words Like Constitute
45 Make Verb      Synonym Words Like Make
46 Spring Verb      Synonym Words Like Spring
47 Work Verb      Synonym Words Like Work
48 Forge Verb      Synonym Words Like Forge
49 Imprint Verb      Synonym Words Like Imprint
50 Alter Verb      Synonym Words Like Alter
51 Be Verb      Synonym Words Like Be
52 Become Verb      Synonym Words Like Become
53 Change Verb      Synonym Words Like Change
54 Comprise Verb      Synonym Words Like Comprise
55 Create Verb      Synonym Words Like Create
56 Influence Verb      Synonym Words Like Influence
57 Modify Verb      Synonym Words Like Modify
58 Represent Verb      Synonym Words Like Represent
59 Constitution Noun      Synonym Words Like Constitution
60 System Noun      Synonym Words Like System
61 Formula Noun      Synonym Words Like Formula
62 Shapeliness Noun      Synonym Words Like Shapeliness
63 Elegance Noun      Synonym Words Like Elegance
64 Image Noun      Synonym Words Like Image
65 Model Noun      Synonym Words Like Model
66 Forming Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Forming
67 Construct Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Construct
68 Arrange Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Arrange
69 Adjust Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Adjust
70 Train Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Train
71 Form Verb-transitive      Variant Words Like Form
72 Preform Verb      Hyponym Words Like Preform
73 Throw Verb      Hyponym Words Like Throw
74 Upset Verb      Hyponym Words Like Upset
75 Chip Verb      Hyponym Words Like Chip
76 Sinter Verb      Hyponym Words Like Sinter
77 Beat Verb      Hyponym Words Like Beat
78 Mound Verb      Hyponym Words Like Mound
79 Layer Verb      Hyponym Words Like Layer
80 Roughcast Verb      Hyponym Words Like Roughcast
81 Coil Verb      Hyponym Words Like Coil
82 Puddle Verb      Hyponym Words Like Puddle
83 Conglobe Verb      Hyponym
84 Grain Verb      Hyponym Words Like Grain
85 Bunch Verb      Hyponym Words Like Bunch
86 Conglobate Verb      Hyponym
87 Brecciate Verb      Hyponym
88 Head Verb      Hyponym Words Like Head
89 Questionnaire Noun      Hyponym
90 Acronym Noun      Hyponym
91 Root Noun      Hyponym Words Like Root
92 Theme Noun      Hyponym Words Like Theme
93 Abbreviation Noun      Hyponym
94 Etymon Noun      Hyponym Words Like Etymon
95 Base Noun      Hyponym Words Like Base
96 Stem Noun      Hyponym Words Like Stem
97 Radical Noun      Hyponym Words Like Radical
98 Person Noun      Hyponym Words Like Person
99 Link Noun      Hyponym Words Like Link
100 Line Noun      Hyponym Words Like Line
101 Circle Noun      Hyponym Words Like Circle
102 Connexion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Connexion
103 Connection Noun      Hyponym Words Like Connection
104 Flair Noun      Hyponym Words Like Flair
105 Solid Noun      Hyponym Words Like Solid
106 Square Noun      Hyponym Words Like Square
107 Species Noun      Hyponym Words Like Species
108 Flavor Noun      Hyponym Words Like Flavor
109 Genus Noun      Hyponym Words Like Genus
110 Like Noun      Hyponym Words Like Like
111 Type Noun      Hyponym Words Like Type
112 Colour Noun      Hyponym Words Like Colour
113 Color Noun      Hyponym Words Like Color
114 Brand Noun      Hyponym Words Like Brand
115 Flavour Noun      Hyponym Words Like Flavour
116 Kaleidoscope Noun      Hyponym Words Like Kaleidoscope
117 Grid Noun      Hyponym Words Like Grid
118 Gestalt Noun      Hyponym Words Like Gestalt
119 Fractal Noun      Hyponym Words Like Fractal
120 Add Verb      Hyponym Words Like Add
121 Chelate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Chelate
122 Makeup Verb      Hypernym Words Like Makeup
123 Section Noun      Hyponym Words Like Section
124 Syndicate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Syndicate
125 Regiment Verb      Hyponym Words Like Regiment
126 Tie Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tie
127 Block Verb      Hyponym Words Like Block
128 Round Verb      Hyponym Words Like Round
129 Ridge Verb      Hyponym Words Like Ridge
130 Draw Verb      Hyponym Words Like Draw
131 Fit Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fit
132 Roll Verb      Hyponym Words Like Roll
133 Strike Verb      Hyponym Words Like Strike
134 Individuate Verb      Hyponym
135 Crystalize Verb      Hyponym Words Like Crystalize
136 Deform Verb      Hyponym Words Like Deform
137 Blow Verb      Hyponym Words Like Blow
138 Tabulate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tabulate
139 Turn Verb      Hyponym Words Like Turn
140 Dimension Verb      Hyponym Words Like Dimension
141 Crystalise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Crystalise
142 Crystallise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Crystallise
143 Twist Verb      Hyponym Words Like Twist
144 Crystallize Verb      Hyponym Words Like Crystallize
145 Curve Noun      Hyponym Words Like Curve
146 Convexity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Convexity
147 Lobularity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Lobularity

10 examples of form

1 a republican form of government
2 a form of prayer
3 a matter of mere form
4 participial forms; verbal forms.
5 water assumes the form of ice or snow
6 Work the metal into a sword
7 shape a figure
8 Form cylinders from the dough
9 he has a strong physique
10 the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

10 definitions of form

1 The shape and structure of anything, as distinguished from the material of which it is composed; particular disposition or arrangement of matter, giving it individuality or distinctive character; configuration; figure; external appearance.
2 Constitution; mode of construction, organization, etc.; system.
3 Established method of expression or practice; fixed way of proceeding; conventional or stated scheme; formula.
4 Show without substance; empty, outside appearance; vain, trivial, or conventional ceremony; conventionality; formality.
5 Orderly arrangement; shapeliness; also, comeliness; elegance; beauty.
6 A shape; an image; a phantom.
7 That by which shape is given or determined; mold; pattern; model.
8 A long seat; a bench; hence, a rank of students in a school; a class; also, a class or rank in society.
9 The seat or bed of a hare.
10 The type or other matter from which an impression is to be taken, arranged and secured in a chase.
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